PinkPantheress has revealed that she wants to be revered for her songwriting and producer abilities and be known as “the female Rick Rubin“.

Last week, the Bath-born singer-songwriter and producer released her debut album ‘Heaven knows’. Ahead of the record’s release, she spoke to NPR about her love for songwriting and producing being greater than that of being a performer.

“I really love being a singer, but honestly, my main love is writing,” PinkPantheress said. “When people try and people tell me, ‘You’re not a great performer,’ or ‘She needs to improve,’ I’m always like, ‘Babe, I don’t even really want to do the performing.’ I’m more of a writer. I want to be like Rick Rubin — the female Rick Rubin.”


At the time of the interview, PinkPantheress revealed that she was on the way to get a flight to Los Angeles to attend some writing sessions with a “big pop star” that she couldn’t say.

“I’ve never written for anyone in a room before,” the singer said. “But yeah, I’m really excited because she’s mega.”

The 22-year-old also told the publication that TikTok made her a better writer, revealing her thought process behind her viral early TikTok hits such as ‘Passion’ and ‘Attracted To You’.

“It’s almost like how [now defunct social media app] Vine forced you to be funny in six seconds,” she explained. “[With] TikTok, it’s like I only have this amount of time to write a good hook, so make sure the hook is good. Then once you have a good hook, the rest of the song is the rest of the song. A hook of a song is really what it’s about.”

‘Heaven knows’ is out now via Warner Records UK – check out the album below.


In a four-star review of ‘Heaven knows’, NME claimed that the album will be “the blueprint for the future of British pop,” writing: “Ultimately, what makes ‘Heaven knows’ such a compelling debut is its ability to create British wistfulness. The emotions and sounds are familiar enough to pull you in, and peculiar enough to make you stay. Heaven knows the boundaries of Pink’s talent to come.”

PinkPantheress has recently revealed that she missed a studio session with Kendrick Lamar because she was on a date and her phone was on silent. She also surprised fans by arguing that her biggest hit ‘Boy’s A Liar’ is “crap“.

The singer is set to tour Europe and the UK next year. You can find tickets for the tour here and check the upcoming dates below.

PinkPantheress ‘Capable of Love’ UK and EU tour dates are: 

20 – Dublin, 3Olympia
22 – Manchester, O2 Ritz
23 – London, Alexandra Palace
27 – Amsterdam, Paradiso
28 – Paris, Élysée Montmartre

1 – Berlin, Huxleys