The great rock band Pile have announced a new album, All Fiction, which will be out on February 17. It’s their proper follow-up to 2019’s Green And Gray, and comes after last year’s pandemic project Songs Known Together, Alone, which found leader Rick Maguire revisiting some of his older songs. Today, they’re sharing the album’s searing and claustrophobic lead single “Loops.”

“Throughout most of Pile’s existence, I’ve used songwriting as a means to work through personal issues and to express uncomfortable feelings in what I’ve perceived to be a healthy form of processing emotions,” Maguire said in a statement. “While doing this I’ve also been working hard to create a career in writing music. The song ‘Loops’ is about the confusion I’ve experienced in the place where those two roads meet, and reflecting on whether what I’m creating is for personal growth or for personal gain has ended up leading to more questions than answers.”

Watch a video directed by Joshua Echevarria for the single below.

01 “It Comes Closer”
02 “Loops”
03 “Gardening Hours”
04 “Link Arms”
05 “Blood”
06 “Lowered Rainbow”
07 “Forgetting”
08 “Poisons”
09 “Nude With A Suitcase”
10 “Neon Gray”

All Fiction is out 2/17 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.