Pharrell has said his collaboration with Miley Cyrus is “coming soon”.

The artist shared a snippet of the track to his Instagram on Friday (February 23) of him playing the song, titled ‘Doctor’, in his car but didn’t confirm an official release date.

The following lyrics can be heard: “I could be your doctor and I could be your nurse/ I think I see the problem, it’s only gon’ get worse/ I need my medication just show me where it hurts/ I need to rock you baby before your body burns.”


The song was first heard heard as part of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2024 Collection presentation in Paris last month. It is believed to have existed in some form as an off-cut from Cyrus’s 2013 album ‘Bangerz’, which has since been re-written and re-recorded. Pharrell also has a producer credit on the track.

Check it out below:

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this month that Usher was supposed to be in a supergroup with Jay-ZPharrell Williams and Diddy that never came to fruition.

“I didn’t say, ‘No.’ I didn’t say, ‘Yeah.’ I think that we just got caught up. We all got caught up in the moment. We was talking about it and having secret meetings about it.”

Last month, he announced his forthcoming biopic Piece By Piece, which will be made out of Lego.


The musician took to social media to share the news, revealing that the film will land in theatres on October 11, 2024. “Who would’ve thought that playing with Legos as a kid would evolve into a movie about my life,” he wrote. “It’s proof that anyone else can do it too…”

In a press release, the movie is teased to be “an unparalleled motion picture experience that captures the magic and brilliance of Pharrell Williams’ creative genius, one Lego brick at a time.” The film is also said to defy “genres and expectations to transport audiences into a Lego world where anything is possible.”