Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams have just what the doctor ordered. Tonight (March 1), the dynamic duo has shared their hotly anticipated new single, “Doctor (Work It Out).”

Cyrus’ vocals sound better than ever over Pharrell‘s percussive instrumental. The song is rife with medical metaphors pertaining to a night full of sexy time.

“I could be your doctor / And I could be your nurse / I think I see the problem / It’s only gon’ get worse / A midnight medication / Just show me where it hurts / I need to rock you, baby / Before your body bursts,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

In the accompanying video, Cyrus naturally glides across the floor, dressed in fly outfits, effortlessly matching the beat of the music.

The song itself has had quite a long journey. “Doctor (Work It Out)” was originally recorded for Cyrus’ 2013 studio album, Bangerz. Though the song didn’t make Bangerz‘s final tracklist, a version of “Doctor” leaked online in 2017. This new version, which Pharrell first premiered at his menswear fall-winter show during Paris Fashion Week, sounds like Cyrus re-recorded her vocals, thus creating a more mature, polished version of the song.

You can see the video for “Doctor (Work It Out)” above.

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