Justin Bieber’s latest social media activity is raising some questions: In an Instagram gallery shared on April 27, two of the images are Bieber selfies taken in quick succession. In both of them, the artist sports a solemn expression as tears stream down his cheeks.

Many commenters were wondering what was going on, like one who wrote, “why u crying tho,” and another who said, “Plzz tell me why were u crying.. I’m dyyyiiinnggg to know !!.” Others came through with sympathy and support, such as the commenter who wrote, “Don’t cry my mate, give it all to Jesus for He cares for YOU!,” or the one who said, “I love that you’re not afraid to show your vulnerability and emotions. It’s always great to remember that behind every single celebrities, there’s still a human being. YOU ARE LOVED.”

Hailey Bieber even popped in the comments to write, “a pretty crier.”

Justin has stayed relatively out of the spotlight in recent times, ever since he postponed his 2022 tour due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused partial facial paralysis. There were rumors he was going to join Usher for this year’s Super Bowl Haltime Show, and while Usher confirmed he did ask, Bieber ultimately passed. Bieber did just make a cameo at this year’s Coachella, though.

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