Markus Popp, the pioneering German electronic producer known as Oval, has a new LP dropping this spring. Romantiq is billed as Popp’s spin on romantic sounds, and judging by its lead single, he is coming at the word from a unique angle, however you define it. “Touha,” out today, builds up and tears down bustling clatter around a recurring piano melody that reminds me of a TV mystery show or science documentary hiccuping and glitching. It’s hypnotic stuff, and you can hear it below.

01 “Zauberwort”
02 “Rytmy”
03 “Cresta”
04 “Amethyst”
05 “Wildwasser”
06 “Glockenton”
07 “Elektrin”
08 “Okno”
09 “Touha”
10 “Lyriq”

Romantiq is out 5/12 on Thrill Jockey.