Long Island band Oso Oso just finished a US tour, and on the trek, a regular part of the setlist was an unreleased song called “All Of My Love.” Well, it’s not unreleased anymore, as the band just shared the song today (May 10).

Oso Oso’s Jade Lilitri says of the song, “When I’m singing with an acoustic guitar at home, my dog thinks I’m crying or something and doesn’t like it and will do everything in his power to stop it. I was writing this song one day and he was doing his usual crying and pleading to get me to stop. Then I started singing this chorus at him and that was the birth of this song.”

The tune comes from the band’s upcoming fifth album, which hasn’t been officially announced yet, although the title has been revealed to be Life Till Bones.

Way back in 2017 when Oso Oso was near the start of its journey, Lilitri told Uproxx’s Steven Hyden, “I’ve come to really appreciate the fact that anybody is stoked on my music at all. It doesn’t happen super often, but sometimes people are like, ‘Hey, I just wanted to say I’m a college kid and the fact that this album was for free download, thanks.’ Even just a simple thank you is cool.”

Listen to “All Of My Love” above.