Earlier this year, Jade Lilitri’s emo-pop project Oso Oso released the surprise album Sore Thumb, which essentially served as Lilitri’s tribute to his late cousin and bandmate Tavish Maloney. Lilitri and Maloney recorded the songs together just before Maloney died, and the record takes on an eerie, tragic weight as a result. But Oso Oso is still a functioning project. Next week, they’ll head out on tour with M.A.G.S. and Anxious. And today, we get a new Oso Oso song.

Jade Lilitri wrote the new Oso Oso song “De Facto,” and he played just about everything on the track. (Miss New Buddha’s Jordan Krimston played drums.) The song is a ragged, bittersweet emo rager. It’s passionate and propulsive and catchy all at once. There’s a streamlined power-pop crunch to the guitar-crunch, but a chaotic energy still bleeds into the track. Give it a listen below.

“De Facto” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp. Check out our recent feature on Oso Oso here.