Yesterday, May 15, Omar Apollo announced God Said No, a new album, and teased a single coming today. Well, “Dispose Of Me” is here now and it’s an emotional slow-burner.

A press release explains the album’s title, “The album title is Omar’s interpretation of ‘lo que sera, sera,’ which translates to ‘whatever will be, will be’ or ‘it is what it is.’ The phrase embodies the album with Omar’s tongue-in-cheek humorous outlook on the suffering that comes from surrendering and accepting whatever is thrown at you by life, a relationship, or lover. […] The 14-track album is a survey of the emotional wreckage that followed the end of a torrid love affair. Apollo borrowed the title from something his friend said while processing the relationship. ‘I gave it my everything,’ Apollo says, ‘and God said ‘no.””

Another interesting note from the press release is that the project features Pedro Pascal. He doesn’t have a feature credit on any song, so it’s not currently clear how exactly he’s involved.

Listen to “Dispose Of Me” above. Apollo also shared a live performance version of the song today, which you can find below.

Omar Apollo’s God Said No Album Cover Artwork

Warner Records

Omar Apollo’s God Said No Tracklist

1. “Be Careful With Me”
2. “Spite”
3. “Less Of You”
4. “Done With You”
5. “Plane Trees” Feat. Mustafa
6. “Drifting”
7. “Empty”
8. “Life’s Unfair”
9. “Against Me”
10. “While U Can”
11. “Dispose Of Me”
12. “How”
13. “Pedro”
14. “Glow”

God Said No is out 6/28 via Warner Records. Find more information here.

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