Olivia Rodrigo isn’t done spilling her guts. Tonight (March 22), just six months after sharing her sophomore album Guts, the pop hitmaker has shared its deluxe edition, Guts: Spilled. On the deluxe edition is an angsty track called “Obsessed,” which has previously appeared on limited pressings of the original Guts edition.

“Obsessed” tells the story of a jealous Rodrigo, who is fixated on the ex of her current boyfriend.

“I’m so obsessed with your ex / I know she’s been asleep on my side of your bed / And I can feel it / I’m starin’ at her like I wanna get hurt / And I remember / Every detail you have ever told me, so be careful, baby / I’m so obsessed with your ex,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

While some fans may have been in possession of “Obsessed” for a while now — depending on which edition of the standard Guts album they purchased — Rodrigo shared the song’s accompanying visual.

In the video, Rodrigo finds herself in a pageant full of potential contenders, each of which wearing their remarkable qualities on a sash. But through this brutal competition, she finds a way to steal the show.

You can see the video for “Obsessed” above.

Guts: Spilled is out now via Geffen. Find more information here.

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