As you probably heard by now, last week Olivia Rodrigo released “Vampire,” her first single since the release of her debut SOUR in 2021. “Vampire” has been getting loads of praise from fans and critics, and deservedly so. Now, Rodrigo and her go-to producer Dan Nigro are joking around about song’s radio edit, which rhymes “dream crusher” with “blood sucker” — as opposed to the NSFW version, which has her singing “fame fucker.”

Posting to TikTok, Rodrigo turns the camera to a studio session, which loops over and over, with new rhymes for “blood sucker” each time. Some of the rhymes are: fame hunter, tree hugger, whale blubber, Mark Zucker, and garlic butter. You can hear Nigro and Rodrigo cracking up between each take, and it’s really cute. Watch and listen below.