Last week, Oliver Anthony improbably had the biggest song in the country when “Rich Men North Of Richmonddebuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Now it’s confirmed that the track is more than a one-and-done: On the new Hot 100 dated September 2, “Rich Men North Of Richmond” is in the top spot for a second consecutive/total week.

The song actually saw a significant increase in streaming activity from its first week to its second: “Rich Men” had 22.9 million streams during the August 18 to 24 tracking week, which is a 31-percent increase. This is a bit of a rare feat: Of all the songs that premiered at No. 1 this decade (34 of them), “Rich Men” is just the second to get more streams in its second week, after Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” did it in 2021.

Also a fun (but inconsequential) bit of trivia is that “Rich Men” is just the eighth No. 1 song with a US city in its title, and the first one since 1985, when Jan Hammer’s “Miami Vice Theme” topped the chart.

Meanwhile, Doja Cat had an impressive week of her own: “Paint The Town Red” rose from No. 15 all the way up to No. 5, making it her seventh top-10 single.

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