Few emo albums in recent years have grabbed me like I Don’t Hate You, the debut from New Jersey combo Ogbert The Nerd. Although laced with a morbid narrative (“It begins at a party and it ends at a funeral”), the record was one of those house-party ragers, rowdy rock music fit for pounding fists and shouting every lyric back at the band, spiked with the sense that everyone involved is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So it’s pleasing to report that Ogbert have a new song out today.

“A New Kind Of Borkulator” leads with a piercing vocal line that will be a litmus test for your tolerance of screechy, neurotic emo vocals. Those who vibe with that style will be treated to another chaotically catchy barnburner full of rad riffs and memorable lyrics: “I think I’ve seen this one before/ The hero dies but the ending’s fantastic,” “Imagine a life of this/ Exclusively the boring parts of conversations,” “It’s not my home/ It’s just a fucking building.”

Listen below.