Last month, of Montreal announced a new album, Freewave Lucifer f<ck f^ck f>ck, a follow-up to last year’s self-released I Feel Safe With You, Trash. At the time, they shared the lead single and video for “Marijuana’s A Working Woman.” Today, Kevin Barnes is back with another album track: “Blab Sabbath Lathe of Maiden.”

Along with the nearly six-minute-long song, “Blab Sabbath Lathe of Maiden” gets an animated music video courtesy of David Barnes. A club-friendly, EDM-tinged dance track, “Blab Sabbath” also comes with some saucy lyrics in the chorus: “I was creaming when I wrote this so forgive me if it makes you wet / If there’s any position you can’t cum in I haven’t found it yet.”

There’s also a political component, which Barnes expands upon:

There is an unhappy family whose surname is America, Liberals are Parent 1 and Conservatives are Parent 2, the citizens of the country are the children trapped inside of their parent’s toxic and loveless marriage. The inimical family dynamic is traumatizing the children and warping their brains worse and worse with every passing day. Some of the children feel closer to Parent 1, while others feel closer to Parent 2, this creates a hostile and violent divide within the family. The parents cannot recall why they ever got married in the first place and have grown so far apart ideologically, spiritually, emotionally… that they’ve begun to truly hate each other. They desperately need to get divorced but their lives are so deeply intertwined that it seems impossible. So life goes on and nothing is done to slow their tragic path towards familial annihilation.

Check it out below.

Freewave Lucifer f<ck f^ck f>ck is out 7/29 via Polyvinyl.