Last year, the Chicago musician NNAMDÏ released his first album for Secretly Canadian, Please Have A Seat. He’s expanding on it a bit with a deluxe edition that’ll be out next month featuring three new tracks that were written around the same time. Today, he’s sharing one of those, a track called “Sudafed.” He says it’s “a song about being at your wits end and how sometimes it makes you react in ways you don’t want to and aren’t proud of. It’s about hitting rock bottom and vowing to yourself to never get there again.”

In a statement, NNAMDÏ talked about the track more and why he decided to to put out a deluxe edition of the album:

Before the inception of ‘Please Have A Seat’ I was working on two separate albums. One that was focused more on simplicity and storytelling and another that was a bit more abstract in its lyrical content. On one album “Sudafed” was the first track, followed by “Javelin.” “So Fast” was track 4 or 5. As ‘Please Have A Seat’ began forming into what it ultimately became, some tracks from each of the albums were restructured, others were put away to the side in service of the flow of certain songs that grouped together, and a few from both records made it to the finish line unscathed. I think “Sudafed” and the other two songs both very much so fit into the themes of ‘Please Have A Seat’ of capturing a moment of clarity. “Sudafed” is literally about sitting on the train in Chicago and reflecting on life choices. “Sudafed” was meant to be an opener or to be given its own stand alone moment. With the video that Janelle made to accompany it, it feels like it’s being given that space that it deserves.

Listen to “Sudafed” below.

The deluxe edition of Please Have A Seat is out 2/24 via Secretly Canadian / Sooper Records.