Nilüfer Yanya is back, with her first piece of new music since her 2022 album, Painless. Today (April 24), Yanya is kicking off a new era. After recently signing with Ninja Tune, Yanya is gearing up to release a new album later this year. Ahead of this project, Yanya has shared her new single, “Like I Say (I Runaway).”

On the new track, Yanya finds herself trapped by the confines of time. Distorted guitars give the song a transcendental element, symbolizing the idea of wanting to break free.

“‘Cause I feel like all my friends / They don’t read my mind / The minute I’m not in control / I’m tearing up inside / Fill up on that feeling . Fill up on the line .If I’m falling out with you / ‘Cause if you can’t hold my hand / Just to feel alive / In the early morning truth,” Yanya sings on the songs chorus.

Production on the song was handled by Yanya’s frequent collaborator, Wilma Archer, who worked with Yanya on her last two albums.

“It’s about how you choose to spend your time,” said Yanya in a statement. “Time is like a currency, every moment. You’re never going to get it back. It’s quite an overwhelming thing to realize.”

The song’s accompanying video was directed by Yanya’s sister, Molly Daniel, and features Yanya running from an altar in an attempt to see the bigger picture of the world around her.

You can watch the video for “Like I Say (I Runaway)” above.