The cerebral composer Nils Frahm will return this fall with a new album called Music For Animals, his first since the companion pieces All Melody and All Encores in 2018 and 2019 and his first for LEITER, the label Frahm co-founded with his manager Felix Grimm. Because most creatures don’t know how to operate modern audio equipment, humans will have to act as intermediaries to get these 10 tracks — totaling a whopping three hours of music — to our fellow mammals as well as reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, insects, and what have you. If a furry friend (or a feathery friend, or a scaly friend) is nearby, you can play them lead single “Right Right Right” below and watch them get lost in thought for seven and a half minutes.

01 “The Dog With 1000 Faces”
02 “Mussel Memory”
03 “Seagull Scene”
04 “Sheep In Black And White”
05 “Stepping Stone”
06 “Briefly”
07 “Right Right Right”
08 “World Of Squares”
09 “Lemon Day”
10 “Do Dream”

Music For Animals is out 9/23 on LEITER.