Since March, Niall Horan has racked up frequently flyer miles and other traveling credits on the road. But the “You Could Start A Cult” singer’s recent The Show: Live On Tour stop in Toronto forced Niall to get his steps in as well.

Last week (June 28 and 29), Niall setup home at Scotiabank Arena. Unfortunately, his sold-out scheduled shows didn’t help with the area’s already notorious traffic jams. En route to the venue, Niall seemingly found himself at the mercy of a rush hour blockade. But he refused to let him delay the show in any way, as seen in a hilarious behind-the-scene vlog shared by the musician on Instagram.

“Traffic’s too crazy in Toronto,” he said. “So I’m walking to the venue.”

To poke fun at the situation, Niall added a cover of The Proclaimers’ song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” At the end of the clip, Niall and his team breathed a sigh of relief, having made it to the arena with plenty of time to spare.

When Niall announced the international tour last June, he made a promise to his supporters around the world. “It’s been years since I’ve last toured, so wasn’t sure what to expect,” he wrote. “I’m so excited to get back on the road. I’m going to make sure this is the best show possible for all of you.”

With the vlog as proof, Niall has kept his word.

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