Moon Fever have released three new singles this year, including their latest track, “Feels So Good.” Guitarist Mitch Micoley recently joined Loudwire Nights (Dec. 12) to celebrate all of the band’s new music — and to look ahead at what’s on the horizon.

“We write every week,” Micoley told host Chuck Armstrong. “Every week, we’re turning out some demos. Me or [bassist] Dave Orton will bring a riff and we’ll just kind of workshop in the room until we’re like, ‘Wow, this is something cool’ — or, we’re like, ‘This is trash. Scrap.'”

As Chuck and Micoley talked about Moon Fever’s new songs, the guitarist said the tracks are leading them toward an album in the future.

“They’re definitely pointing to a vinyl that will be released. It might be an EP, but I would expect an album from us by next year.”

Moon Fever + Seattle’s Influence

For anyone who wasn’t familiar with Moon Fever, Micoley was quick to give a succinct but crystal-clear description of the band’s sound.

“I’d say we’re a gloomy Seattle rock band,” he explained. “We’re from the grit and grime of Seattle, bringing you high-energy rock and roll and, you know, an exciting live show. I think we’re a voice of Seattle and I’m proud of it.”

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More than simply residing in Seattle, Micoley said Moon Fever absorb much of the city’s incredible musical history in their work.

“Our studio is above El Corazon in downtown Seattle, which is a very legendary club,” he said. “It’s basically an underpass where Pearl Jam and all these other bands kind of started. You definitely pick up on those vibes in that room.”

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