OMG Miya Folick has released so many songs from her new album Roach. Like, so many. “I’m a fuckin’ cockroach, and you can’t kill me,” she sings on the latest, which makes sense. It’s not the most elegant way to promote a record, but trickling out a new song every few weeks for the better part of a year certainly keeps your name in circulation.

To temper my mild blogger annoyance, I should add that the songs have mostly been good. “Cockroach” is among the best of them — a fluid and intimate bit of Notwist-esque electronic guitar-pop that’ll steer you straight into your feelings if you’re not careful. A statement from Folick:

I love this song and I am addicted to it. I wrote the melody and lyrics for “Cockroach” driving home from a friend’s house. It was May 2021, and I was feeling like I had spent the last couple years continuously dragging myself back up onto my feet after getting knocked around by life and circumstances out of my control (I think others may be able to relate). I got home and quickly made a demo of the melody with the keyboard parts and the guitar line. I thought it would be an interesting interlude or intro for the record, but it became something so much more powerful. I asked Sam KS to play some simple drums on it and he ended up playing this in one take, transforming the song into something that feels anthemic in its own odd way.

Listen below.

Roach will finally be out 5/26 on Nettwerk. Folick will play a pair of shows in LA the week leading up to release, 5/23 at the Short Stop and 5/25 at the Moroccan Lounge.