Following a musical breakthrough with her viral hit “My Love Mine All Mine,” Mitski is set to embark on her extended tour supporting her critically acclaimed album The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We. Those who haven’t had the privilege of seeing Mitski live can get a taste of what to expect from the shows with her latest video — a performance of “I’m Your Man” taking place inside an empty music venue.

The video comes by way of La Blogothèque, a French film production company specializing in music videos. Mitski performs a stripped-back version of “I’m Your Man” while wandering the halls of a hundred-year-old concert hall. Driven by an acoustic guitar and Mitski’s folkloric vocals, this rendition hones in on the storytelling elements of the singer-songwriter’s lyricism.

In a video for her Behind The Song series, Mitski explained that “I’m Your Man” is told from the perspective of someone she knows all too well.

“I wanted it to be a masculine song,” said Mitski. “It’s called ‘I’m Your Man.’ I know it might sound like it’s from the perspective of maybe a bad man character or maybe a mean male partner, but actually what I wanted to do for the song was write from the perspective of the man in my head.”

You can watch Mitski’s performance above.