Miss Grit, the project led by Margaret Sohn, has released two EPs over the past few years, 2019’s Talk Talk and 2021’s Impostor. Today, they’re putting out a new single, “Like You,” over at their new home of Mute Records. ““Mute is one of the labels I put on a pedestal in my mind, so the fact I was even on their radar was really flattering,” Sohn said in a statement. “And then to think they believed in my music enough to want to work together made me so happy.”

As for the beguiling and elastic “LIke You”: “I had the character of Ex Machina in mind as the voice I was singing from. Her arc in the movie felt really beautiful to me, and I wanted to reach the same ending as her in this song.” Listen below.

“Like You” is out now via Mute.