Miley Cyrus has been confessing lots in her TikTok series in support of her “Used To Be Young” single. From having to pay for her Bangerz tour by herself to her house burning down when she was overseas filming Black Mirror, the pop star has stories.

In a new clip, the “Flowers” singer talked about her skit for the 2015 VMAs that involved her grandmother baking edibles with Snoop Dogg. “I knew I really wanted a couple things in the show,” she said. “I wanted the Flaming Lips, I wanted drag queens, I wanted my grandma, and I wanted my pig in the show. So Snoop Dogg was the perfect kinda like connection.”

She continued, “It’s my grandma doing what grandmas do — baking cookies — but what she doesn’t know is that they were actual edibles. RIP, she’ll never know.”

Her mother Trish added, “Oh, except on the ride there, cause I’m bringing Mom to the set and they give her her apron, [she asked] ‘Why does this say — my name’s not Mary Jane!’ I was like, ‘I don’t know, Mom.’”


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 32

♬ Used To Be Young – Miley Cyrus

“Used To Be Young” comes as she’s celebrating 10 years of her controversial album Bangerz. Earlier this year, she unveiled her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation.

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