Michelle released After Dinner We Talk Dreams in March 2022 and toured in support of the album toward the end of the year. The six-piece, New York-based collective is ending this year on a high note as well.

On Thursday (October 19), Michelle confirmed their forthcoming Glow EP with the release of its title track and a second single, “Agnostic.” Visualizers accompanied both singles, with the “Glow” visualizer finding members Sofia D’Angelo, Julian Kaufman, Charlie Kilgore, Layla Ku, Emma Lee, and Jamee Lockard dancing freely around New York City. The “Agnostic” visualizer emits a much more introspective vibe.

“The EP’s title track is softly delivered by band member Jamee Lockard,” a press release explains. “The song fills the room with a bouncy, free-flowing incandescence. Slowly adding in contributions from the band’s bass, synth keyboard, and drums, the song crescendos, creating an aura of a soft glow. The track is paired with a visual choreographed by the bands own Emma Lee featuring the six members dancing through the streets and parks of their hometown.”

It continues, “‘Agnostic’ sees a tonal shift from the collective as the song is introduced by a stripped-down acoustic guitar. The new singles offer a taste of the refined writing and musical style that will inform their forthcoming EP.”

Watch the “Glow” visualizer above or the “Agnostic” visualizer below, and pre-order the Glow EP here.