The Brooklyn label Sacred Bones marks their 15th anniversary this year, and to celebrate they’ve put together a compilation featuring artists from their roster covering songs by other Sacred Bones artists. It’s called Todo Muere SBXV, and it features everything from Institute putting SPELLLING through a post-punk filter to Thou, Mizmor, and Emma Ruth Rundle teaming up for a rendition of a Zola Jesus track. The comp drops on May 27, and a day after there’ll be a Sacred Bones anniversary party at Knockdown Center, featuring performances from Anika, Black Marble, LD Deutsch, SPELLLING, SQÜRL, the Men, Uniform, and more.

Along with the announcement, the label has shared two of the tracks from Todo Muere SBXV: The Hunt’s cover of Zola Jesus’ “I Can’t Stand” and Marissa Nadler’s take on David Lynch’s “Cold Wind Blowin.’” Here’s what Nadler had to say about it:

I chose David Lynch’s song “Cold Wind Blowin’” because I’m an enormous David Lynch fan, and not just of his films and art, but also of his music. I love the simple power of the unadorned lyrics, as well as his vocal delivery. The recitation part in this song is killer, and it’s the first time I’ve ever tried one. I don’t want to speculate too much on what the song is about because I know songs can have many meanings, but who can’t relate to having a “cold wind blowing” through their heart? Who can’t relate to “coming down on the wrong side of love?” “I see your smile on rainy days/ Spray painted on clouds floating by.” For anyone that’s ever been haunted by loss, been followed around by regret, those lyrics sting true. There’s a universality in the appeal of this song, but it’s also tantalizing for its strangeness and off-kilter rhythms.

Nadler’s Lynch cover, which comes from his 2013 LP The Big Dream, isn’t the only one on Todo Muere — Hilary Woods also does “In Heaven” from Eraserhead. For now, hear Nadler and the Hunt’s contributions below.

01 Boris – “Funnel Of Love” (SQÜRL Cover)
02 Anika – “Godstar” (Psychic TV Cover)
03 The Hunt – “I Can’t Stand” (Zola Jesus Cover)
04 Constant Smiles – “Spells” (Jenny Hval Cover)
05 Dean Hurley – “Our Day Will Come” (Mort Garson Cover)
06 Domingæ – “Change” (Anika Cover)
07 Thou, Mizmor, & Emma Ruth Rundle – “Night” (Zola Jesus Cover)
08 Hilary Woods – “In Heaven” (David Lynch Cover)
09 Institute – “Boys At School” (SPELLLING Cover)
10 Marissa Nadler – “Cold Wind Blowin’” (David Lynch Cover)
11 “The Holydrug Couple – “Coca Cola Blues” (Psychic Ills Cover)

Todo Muere SBXV is out 5/27 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here. Tickets for the show are available here.