If the movie’s soundtrack was of any indication, Barbie was heavily influenced by music, which, in a way, posed itself as a main character in the record-breaking film. In a new featurette for Barbie (filmed before the SAG-AFRTA strike), the cast and crew of the movie revealed that a notable character was inspired by a legendary musician.

Margot Robbie revealed that the Weird Barbie character, played by Kate McKinnon was based on David Bowie.

“Greta described Weird Barbie in the script as a cross between David Bowie and a hairless cat,” said Robbie in the featurette, which was first shared by Entertainment Weekly. “It is so strangely accurate.”

While McKinnon’s character’s hair appears to be a bit tattered and her face drawn on, Gerwig noted that this was an indication of a well-loved toy.

“Weird Barbie is truly the Barbie you’d play with too much,” said Gerwig. “You’d brush out her hair and then you decided you want to cut it, then you’d see what happens if you light it on fire and draw all over her face. You put her in the splits and try to change her clothes. I had this idea like, ‘Well, we have to have a Barbie that represents that fate of so many Barbies’. I wanted her to be funny and wise.”

Barbie is available to watch now via digital and video on demand platforms.