Following her faith-altering health scare in 2023, Madonna’s Celebration Tour has taken on a whole new meaning. Unfortunately, two concertgoers weren’t feeling the love when the “Open Your Heart” singer stopped in their selected city.

At Madonna’s show on December 13 at the Barclays Center, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, were so peeved off by the star’s lateness — a nearly two-hour delay — that they filed a lawsuit against her. Back in December, a source close to the matter told People that the delay was caused by spillover technical issues from soundcheck. However, fans who attended shows in Europe echoed Fellows and Hadden’s anger, claiming Madonna was also late to those performances.

Now Madonna’s management is clapping back at the lawsuit and the growing narrative that Madonna is excessively tardy to performances. Representatives for her reached out to EW to comment on the legal filing. “The shows opened in North America at Barclays in Brooklyn as planned,” said the source. “With the exception of a technical issue on December 13 during soundcheck. This caused a delay that was well documented in press reports at the time. We intend to defend this case vigorously.”

Madonna’s Celebration Tour is still in full swing. View the remaining tour dates here.

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