Last year, the Nashville singer and songwriter Madi Diaz released her powerful album History Of A Feeling. As a sort of companion-piece follow-up, Diaz has just come out with a new EP called Same History, New Feelings. On the new EP, Diaz has re-recorded four of the songs from her album, and she’s done them as duets with a few of her peers. We’ve already posted the version of “Resentment” that features Diaz singing with Waxahatchee. Today, we get to hear her getting together with Angel Olsen.

The whole Same History, New Feelings EP is out today, and it’s also got Madi Diaz singing her songs with Courtney Marie Andrews and Natalie Hemby. Diaz brought in Olsen for a new version of her sad, searching album track “Forever,” and it gives both her and Olsen a chance to really sing. The new version of “Forever” is spare and acoustic, and it’s got some great close-harmony singing from Diaz and Olsen. Below, listen to the new version of “Forever” and the Diaz original from last year.

And here’s the stream of the whole Same History, New Feelings EP:

The Same History, New Feelings EP is out now on Anti-.