Festival lovers are willing to endure some tough weather conditions purely out of the sheer admiration they have for their favorite acts. For others, the advertised ambiance is the biggest selling point (see Fyre Festival). Each year, this passion shows as thousands of brave fans make the voyage to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to attend the multi-day event Burning Man.

Unfortunately, no one could have foreseen that a freak rain storm on September 1 would leave attendees stranded in muddy terrain, which eventually led to road closures. Musician Diplo and comedian Chris Rock were able to make the 5-mile hike to a getaway ride, which escorted them to safety. Not everyone else was as fortunate. According to AP, local authorities are currently investigating a death take took place at the festival.

The outlet cites KNSD-TV’s initial report, which quotes the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. In their authorities’ statement, they did not share the name of the deceased or the potential cause of death, just simply confirming that someone had tragically passed away.

The Bureau of Land Management, as well as the Sheriff’s Office, have advised the nearly 70,000 attendees that to ensure their safety, all access points for the event have been closed.

Read the note shared on X (formerly Twitter) yesterday (September 2) below.

“Due to recent rainfall, the Bureau of Land Management and the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office officials have closed the entrance to Burning Man for the remainder of the event. Please avoid traveling to the area; you will be turned around. All event access is closed.”

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