Atlanta rap star Lil Baby hasn’t exactly been quiet lately. He teamed up with Lil Durk on the collaborative album Voice Of The People last year, and he’s recently shown up on two Nicki Minaj singles, as well as a bunch of other people’s songs. (Today, for instance, he’s a guest on the new Vince Staples record.) But it still feels like a bigger deal when Lil Baby is releasing his own music, and he’s got a couple of new singles, his first solo tracks of 2022, this morning.

Lil Baby’s new tracks “Right On” and “In A Minute” both find Baby working in his comfort zone, sounding confident but downbeat at the same time and putting a ton of melody in his raps. “Right On,” with its ATL Jacob beat, is a little harder and more triumphant; Baby’s been teasing that one for months. “In A Minute” is relatively downbeat and introspective, and it’s got Baby rapping over wordless vocals from Ellie Goulding. (The song uses the same sample of Goulding’s “Don’t Say A Word” that Drake used on his Jay-Z collab “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2.”) Check out the videos for “Right On” and “In A Minute” below.