Way back in the spring of 2021, “Party Hard” rocker Andrew W.K. and 2 Broke Girls and Dollface star Kat Dennings let the world know that they were engaged. They seemingly didn’t feel any urgency to get their wedding over with, as the pair only just officially tied the knot on November 27.

They shared details and photos of the wedding in a new Vogue feature, which notes the wedding took place at their Los Angeles home. Dennings noted, “We realized that a small home wedding was too cozy to resist. Plus, all our stuff was there so we wouldn’t have to pack anything.”

She also said of the DIY ceremony prep, “I wanted our wedding to feel completely different from an ‘industry event’ in every way. I even handmade all of our wedding florals, aisle pieces, and our ceremony arch, which took three entire days. I wanted to be hands-on with the entire experience and feel like we had built our moment together from scratch.”

Dennings gave her summary of the ceremony itself, saying, “It was incredibly emotional for both of us, and the love surrounding us was very palpable. My dad had passed away a month and a half before, and I had a moment where I thought we should delay the wedding — but I realized it was even more of a reason to grasp any joyous feeling where I could. My wonderful mom walked me down the aisle, and I felt very present and filled with gratitude for Andrew and our loved ones during the ceremony. I felt truly lucky to be marrying such a kind and loving man. The ceremony itself was kind of a blur, but in the best way. We just looked into each other’s eyes and were so excited to finally be husband and wife.”

They kept the guest list small, as only about 15 people were in attendance, including close friends Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song. After the ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests hung out in their home for hours, which probably wasn’t as raging as the parties W.K. is used to but was certainly more meaningful.

Check out photos from the big day here.