Neseblod Records, the legendary black metal site in Norway formerly known as Helvete, has been damaged by a fire, as per a report by Norwegian publication Verdens Gang (VG)

Helvete was a record shop opened in Oslo in June of 1991 by founding guitarist of Mayhem, Euronymous. The basement of Helvete was a popular gathering spot for members of the Norwegian black metal community, which Euronymous allegedly dubbed the “Black Circle.”

The shop was closed in 1993 just before the murder of Euronymous by Burzum‘s Varg Vikernes. It was reopened 20 years later by Kenneth Neseblod and was renamed Neseblod Records.

The Cause of the Fire Is Currently Unknown

Verdens Gang’s report states that the shop caught fire last night (April 9), and the surrounding apartments were evacuated due to the amount of smoke the fire caused [translated via Google Translate].

“It is unclear what happened. I am standing outside now and cannot enter the room, which is very smoky. Therefore, I have no idea the extent of the damage,” Neseblod’s ex-wife Grethe, who still helps run the store, told VG last night.

The police were notified of the fire after receiving a report from a witness who saw flames in the basement. Officials are currently investigating the situation.

The Basement of Neseblod Was Essentially a Black Metal ‘Museum’

Neseblod turned the basement of the store into somewhat of a black metal museum for fans to visit from around the world.

“Much of what we have is only on display and not for sale. It’s a museum-like venue at the same time as a record store,” Neseblod said. “We have records, cassettes and tape trading letters that were previously used to write to each other in the metal community.”

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“Most recently today, I had a lady from L.A. who had never been outside the US before in the store. It is very popular,” added Grethe.

Tour of Neseblod Records in Oslo, Norway (Formerly Helvete)

A GoFundMe Has Been Launched to Help Cover the Cost of the Damage

An individual named Darren set up a GoFundMe page to help Neseblod Records cover the cost of the damages done by the fire.

“I have been working with many Norwegian Black Metal bands over the years and Neseblod Records (Formerly Helvete) in the heart of Oslo, it has been part of the scene since the beginning of this unique musical movement, and is the heart and spirit of the genre,” the description reads.

Over 2,700 Euros have been raised for the shop so far.

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