It’s been a minute since we’ve checked in on Launder, the poppy, shoegazey indie rock project of LA-based John Cudlip. But a full-length debut album is finally in the pipeline — Happening is happening on Ghostly this July — and its first two singles sound great.

Cudlip wrote both “Unwound” and “Chipper” with DIIV members Zachary Cole Smith and Colin Caulfield. The former, a portrait of addiction, is a steadily plodding rocker that matches Cudlip’s under-his-breath vocal presence with a huge, slicing guitar melody order direct from the post-Pixies school of ’90s alternative rock. The latter is both faster and dreamier, yet Cudlip’s voice beams brighter amidst the surge.

Hear both songs below.

01 “Unwound”
02 “Intake”
03 “Blue Collar”
04 “On A Wire”
05 “Become” (Feat. Soko)
06 “Beggar”
07 “Rust”
08 “Withdraw”
09 “Lockwood”
10 “Harbour Mouth”
11 “Chipper”
12 “Parking Lot”
13 “Lantern”

Happening is out 7/15 on Ghostly.