Travis Barker‘s son Landon has revealed that his dad doesn’t go easy on him when it comes to musical feedback.

Landon launched his musical career in September with the single ‘Friends With My Ex’, and his dad – AKA the legendary Blink-182 drummer – is listed as a co-producer on the track.

However, the new musician has revealed that his dad doesn’t go easy on him when it comes to music, explaining that he will “definitely shoot[s] for his advice whenever I can get it”.


“If I was talking to somebody else and they didn’t like the song, they would let me down easy,” Landon told Billboard. “I feel like he doesn’t let me down easy. It’s good – I so appreciate it because I love authenticity, and I love the transparency, and he’s always transparent and supportive. It works very well.”

‘Friends With My Ex’ has the angsty, pop-punk sound that Travis is well acquainted with. It’s about “falling in love with somebody you’re not supposed to but still seeing things through and having a good outcome”.

“I was in a session [with] somebody I work with often, and he was like ‘Dude, I think you keep on writing songs about the same thing. Why don’t we incorporate something that’s actually happening in your life?’” he recalled of the creative process.

“I guess I would always shoot to a song about heartbreak, or a song about a girl, or a song about being sad, he was like, ‘Let’s dive in and let’s write something about your life right now,’ and that’s kinda how that came about.”

The music video features Landon’s girlfriend, the TikToker and dancer Charli D’Amelio.


The singer said he has more “stuff in the vault” and is “excited to share so much”.

Blink-182’s new album ‘One More Time’ came out last month, which NME described in a three-star review as a “surprisingly touching reunion”. It added: “After brushes with mortality and a protracted absence for Tom DeLonge, the reunited trio sound simply happy enough just to be rocking out again.”

They followed up with two bonus songs, ‘See You’ and ‘Cut Me Off’, which appear on the digital-only version of the new LP.

Barker and his wife Kourtney Kardashian recently welcomed their son Rocky, the couple’s first child together.