The truth behind Lana Del Rey’s upbringing is currently being debated online. In contrast, others try to rack their heads around Rey’s obsession with chain restaurants. However, what’s not in question is the “Peppers” singer’s massive talent. Rey teamed up with Holly Macve for a mirror match of a track to break up the chatter surrounding socio-economic status as a child.

“Suburban House” is the collaboration the singers’ fans have been patiently waiting for. Macve and Rey share a close bond as friends and in their mentor/mentee relationship, but how that bleeds over into their approach to vocals is uncanny. Each lady’s sorrow-filled verse inflicts a deep emotional wound to transport you into their worlds.

Macvea’s songwriting is the shiny star of their link-up. “It only takes one week to fall out of love / With a woman like me, for a man like you / It only takes one look to catch a stranger’s eye / And imagine a life, flashing colors while I’m blue,” sang Macve.

“It only takes one turn to see a clear open road / Pretty white mountaintops, so many places to call home / I’m only just behind, but I’m already out of view / You always said snow looked so perfect whеn it’s untouched and new,” followed Rey.

In a post on Instagram, Rey wrote, “[‘Suburban House’ is] one of my absolute favorite songs. [You all are] gonna love it,” and although she says that about every collaboration, in this case, she was right.

Listen to “Suburban House” above.

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