Lana Del Rey might not have a Grammy Award just yet. But according to fans, the “Hollywood Bowl” singer has earned something much more valuable — the ‘Queen of Moody Music’ title.

Yesterday (April 19), during Lana’s closing set as Coachella 2024’s headliner, she temporarily put her doom-and-gloom sonic signature aside. As a special treat to festival attendees, Lana brought out yet another guest — Camila Cabello. Instead of performing a debut, Lana granted Camila full control over the stage to deliver a high-energy showing of her latest single, “I Luv It,” which features Playboi Carti.

Although Carti wasn’t present, Cabello’s was far from lacking thanks to the sharp choreography with her army of supporting dancers.

After Cabello’s breakout moment, the pair joined hands on stage to share their praises for one another. Lana even took a moment to sing parts of the track back to Cabello, which, by the bright smile on her face, she thoroughly enjoyed.

Well, Coachella 2024 is far from over. But for Lana, it is. With a robust set of her biggest hits, two guests (Billie Eilish for weekend one and Camila Cabello for weekend two) she’s more than fulfilled her contractual obligations. View our Coachella 2024 coverage here.

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