Pop music fans might just be in luck. It appears that Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish’s long-awaited collaboration could be a reality, or so fans believe. Following the singers’ surprise onstage debut at Coachella 2024, users online have begged each musician to hit the booth for an original track.

While folks loved their renditions of Lana’s “Video Games” and Billie’s “Ocean Eyes,” a brand-new record is the only thing that will quench the thirst. Well, on May 8, Lana teased that the duo had cooked something up.

In a screengrab captured by a fan page, Lana left Easter eggs in the Instagram comment section. “We had fun in the studio,” she wrote to Billie. “Love you.”

This isn’t the first time the two have gush about one another. Back in February 2023, the ladies sat down for a conversation for Interview. During the chat, Eilish sang Lana’s praises.

“You really paved the way for everyone,” she said. “People have been trying to look and sound like you since you first started. I talk about this with Finneas. You changed the way the music industry hears and sees music, and you changed the way people sing.”

As of now, the collaboration remains a dream, given no formal announcement has been made. But, supporters will continue to hold out hope for the link-up.

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