La Laura Paris Levels Up With Electro-Pop Anthem "GAME OVER"

LA Laura Paris pulls no punches with her latest single, “GAME OVER.” This electrifying electro-pop anthem throbs with wiggling energy, an 8 bit symphony and that girl power kind of energy that says game over to players and deceitful lover. She throws away the rulebook, expressing her independence with a confident “Au revoir mon chéri” (Goodbye my darling) right from the start.

The song jumps starts to knee a jerker quickly, with a few seconds for an intro out of a Mario Brothers level and then a quick jump into LA Laura Paris’s talk-through lyrics. With lines like “Can’t eat fast food if I starve / Cause I deserve some caviar” LA Laura Paris showcases a woman who recognizes her worth and won’t compromise, when Paris eloquence meets Hollywood glam, what else would one dream of?

“I don’t wanna play / Mother F*****,” defiant, for anyone who’s ever been mistreated sure, but the metaphor of running through a maze, the arcade and the video game story board. LA Laura Paris gives a new tone to the bilingual style, reflecting her heritage and adding a cosmopolitan touch.

She has been known for putting on captivating live performances, LA Laura Paris has the “French Madonna” title for a reason. “GAME OVER” feels destined to become a crowd favorite, and honestly sounds like its going to be here for a while, a song to dance and belt out together. A very dynamic fusion of pop, electro, and a subtle rock influence LA Laura Paris does have a vibe that is distinctly her own.

LA Laura Paris is done playing by someone else’s rules. “GAME OVER” is for anyone ready to go from hunted to hunter, definitely to put your new top playlist on spotify.

Listen to LA Laura Paris “GAME OVER” here: