Last month, former Triathlon member Kristina Moore shared “Vegan Sushi,” a new single from her own project koleżanka. Today, Moore is announcing a whole new album, Place Is, which will be out at the end of July. Her new song “7th St/7th Ave” is a folksy, crunchy rocker in which Moore’s acrobatic voice sings about the displacement she felt while living in more than one place at a time. “Place is a mantra/ Repeated ’til a voice is tired,” she sings. “Oh, what a sensation to shiver in heat.” Listen below.

Here’s Moore’s whole statement on the song:

This song lyrically encapsulates a lot of what the record was written about; being here while being there. I was feeling physically split between different homes. I had a home in Phoenix, a home in Brooklyn, and various homes I’d found while being on the road. As I spent time in one place, I felt the other grow farther. I have thought often about “place” vs “space” the past three years. What makes space a place. If a place is only physically spaced.

I used to have awful PTSD flashbacks and heavy dissociation, both of which would function differently, but would leave me feeling disoriented as if I had truly left my body and gone to another place and then come back and forget where I actually am. More recently, I’ve found myself caught in bouts of nostalgia, where I get caught in a memory and lose my footing in a physical space because the memory is so cinematic. Or I found myself returning home to Phoenix after moving and every part of the city felt filled entirely by events spanning years and it felt overwhelming.

The song moves in three parts between three separate homes I was feeling all at once: walking from 7th st to 7th ave in Phoenix while the sun was setting, leaving Darlings at 3am one night in Bushwick and feeling this urge to run back to my apartment as fast as I could, and being at Barton Springs in Austin Texas on a tour, after visiting Barton Springs several times on several tours over a few years, and watching some kids climb a high tree and swinging into the spring from a rope over and over

01 “A Mouthful”
02 “$40”
03 “B2YP”
04 “Vegan Sushi”
05 “7th St/7th Ave”
06 “In A Meeting”
07 “Words For No One”
08 “The Offensive”
09 “The Mountain”

Place Is is out 7/30 via Bar/None.