Gene Simmons of KISS has reflected on the band’s extensive career, and recalled that he feels “immortal” as long as his “schmeckle works”.

The iconic rock bassist and founding KISS member made the comments in a new interview with The Guardian, in which he looked back at his extensive time working alongside bandmate Paul Stanley and how he feels about the band’s final-ever shows.

In the discussion, Simmons also opened up about his previous claim that he has slept with over 4,000 women across his 50-year-long career, and admitted that he is “guilty as charged” when it comes to being motivated by sex.


“Listen. Men are idiots. There isn’t enough blood to power two heads at once, so a lot of really stupid decisions can get made when that little head takes over,” he began.

“When you’re a woman and you see a man, and he’s big and he’s got a hairy chest and he’s good-looking, and you see that, what you’re seeing is a mirage. That’s actually a 14-year-old horny kid. Just still young, dumb and full of cum. We can’t even think straight when we see you. I don’t say this as a defence, because I stand guilty as charged of everything.”

He continued, likening the feeling to that of KISS’ impressive number live shows over the years, adding that as long as his “schmeckle works”, he would be willing to have the band play forever as it makes him “feel immortal”.

Gene Simmons (l), singer and bassist, and Paul Stanley, singer and guitarist, of the U.S. band Kiss are on stage during a concert at Königsplatz. As part of their farewell world tour “End Of The Road”. CREDIT: Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

Elsewhere in the discussion, the 74-year-old musician also opened up about his long-running working relationship with the band’s vocalist Paul Stanley – comparing their time making music together as similar to that of two Beatles stars.

“Paul’s like the brother I never had,” Simmons said. “I wouldn’t have been able to do anything on the level that I’ve been able to do on my own without Paul. And I’d like to think it’s the same the other way around. You can’t do it all yourself, you’re just not as good.”


He continued: “The biggest ever influence on me was the Beatles, and clearly Lennon and McCartney were so much better together than when they each went solo … Having someone around who’s questioning and taking things apart is what really makes things better.”

KISS are currently embarking on the final scheduled performances of their ongoing tour. The tour is the latest of their impressive number of farewell tours over the years – with the first dating back 23 years – and is set to end with a final ever performance in Madison Square Garden, New York, in December. The location was chosen as it is close to where the band first formed in 1973. Find all upcoming tour dates and any remaining tickets here.

Back in May, the band made headlines after they were forced to cancel the opening show of their 2023 UK headline tour.

“Sadly, KISS and Robomagic, the show’s promoter, have today announced that they are having to cancel the opening night of the upcoming KISS UK tour,” a statement at the time read.

Organisers also went on to cite “travel, equipment and logistical complications” as the reasons for the cancellation.