Over the past few years, Kid Cudi has made the transition to Hollywood quite successfully. He’s had roles in Don’t Look Up, X, and House Party, and he’s about to be in the Disney+ original kids’ film Crater. On the horizon, he’s got roles in John Woo’s Silent Night and Brittany Snow’s Parachute (fka September 17th), and he’s also recently been attached to a Sonic The Hedgehog spinoff series for Paramount+ called Knuckles.

Today, Kid Cudi (under his real name Scott Mescudi) has another planned starring role under his belt. As Deadline reports, he is set to star in a zombie action comedy film called Hell Naw, produced by Euphoria‘s Sam Levinson and written by Keith & Kenny Lucas, the brothers who were nominated for an Oscar for their Judas And The Black Messiah screenplay.

“This movie has been five years in the making. I am telling the world now, this film will f*ck you up in all the best ways,” Kid Cudi said in a statement, continuing:

I have been a horror fan since I was 7 years old, The first horror movies I ever saw were Night Of The Living Dead and Evil Dead. And from that point on, I was hooked on the feeling of being frightened. I’ve been wanting to get into this world creating my own stories for a long time, and now, and after years of working it out in my head, it’s finally happening. Sam, The Lucas Brothers and myself have really crafted a tale we feel everyone who’s a fan of horror and comedy will enjoy. You will laugh, oh yes you will, but the horror aspect of this movie will really be something to see. You will be shook. I promise. Y’all know I don’t play around.

Deadline notes that, while a full plot description isn’t available, it is set during Paris Fashion Week and, naturally, features zombies.