Kendrick Lamar’s diss track against Drake ‘Not Like Us’ has broken records and topped the singles charts.

The two rappers have been engaged in a feud for years now, although the beef has come to a head in recent weeks – with each sharing increasingly personal diss tracks lately and other artists getting involved.

Now, it seems that Lamar has taken home the victory, at least in terms of chart figures, with his diss track ‘Not Like Us’ debuting at the Number One spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

The track arrived at the start of the month, as the rapper’s third Drake diss in 36 hours. It also saw him making some accusations about the Canadian rapper over his supposed preference for younger women, to the point where he calls him a “certified paedophile”.


By topping the charts, ‘Not Like Us’ has become Lamar’s fourth Number One song, following on from his feature on Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That’ earlier this year, ‘Humble’, which arrived in 2017 and his verse on Taylor Swift’s 2015 track ‘Bad Blood’.

It has broken records too, with Brooklyn Eagle reporting that the track has become the hip-hop song that has been streamed the most times in a day on Spotify – racking up 6.8million plays.

Another one of his scathing tracks against Drake, ‘Euphoria’, also went on to do well on the charts and reached the Number Three spot last week after debuting at Number 11.


As highlighted by The Guardian, ‘Family Matters’ – one of Drake’s numerous responses to the feud – is placed higher up at Number Seven on the charts, marking another win for Lamar.

The beef between the two came to a head last month, when Lamar contributed a verse to Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That‘, and used the collab to respond to J. Cole, who claimed “Love when they argue the hardest MC/ Is it K-Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me?/ We the big three like we started a league” on Drake’s track ‘First Person Shooter’.

Lamar told Cole and Drake on his ‘Like That’ verse: “Motherfuck the big three, n****, it’s just big me”. Cole later responded with his own diss, ‘7 Minute Drill’, but he later apologised for it and pulled it from streaming.


However, Drake fired back with two tracks ‘Push Ups’ and ‘Taylor Made Freestyle‘. The Canadian rapper then landed in hot water after he used AI to emulate Tupac Shakur‘s vocals, leading to the late rapper’s estate threatening legal action. He subsequently removed the track from streaming.

Lamar would then respond with ‘Euphoria‘ on May 1, following it up quickly the following day with ‘6:16 in LA’.

The pair then dropped new diss tracks within an hour of each other, with Drake releasing ‘Family Matters’ just before Lamar clapped back with ‘Meet The Grahams’.

More recently, Drake claimed he fed Lamar false intel on new diss ‘The Heart Part 6’, but the track hasn’t been popular with fans – recently surpassing 1million dislikes on YouTube.

Check out a full timeline of the feud here.

In other news about the two, Drake’s mansion in Toronto has been at the centre of controversy in the past few days. First, reports were shared earlier this month that a man, suspected to be Drake’s bodyguard, was shot outside the residence.

Just a day later, it was revealed that a man had been detained by police in the area after attempting to break into the rapper’s home. It isn’t clear whether or not wither incident has any relation to the ongoing feud.