Kelly Jones has announced details of a new solo album ‘Inevitable Incredible’. Check out the moving title track below.

The upcoming record marks the latest full-length solo effort from the musician, following on from his time as the frontman for Stereophonics and in his more recent side-project Far From Saints.

Set for release on May 3, ‘Inevitable Incredible’ sees Jones writing primarily on the piano for the first time. All the tracks were crafted between October and December of 2022, and are set to be some of his most emotional and brutally honest music to date.


According to a press release, the songs were born from “material he never set out to create, but knew he needed to see through to completion, and complete quickly to capture the raw essence of what he’d created”. The LP was recorded at the remote Ocean Sound studio in Norway, tucked away on a tiny remote island in the North Sea.

To announce the new LP, Jones has shared the moving title track – a stripped-back yet cinematic song that captures the essence of the upcoming album.

Entirely piano-led, the song marks a new direction for Jones, and sees the singer pushing himself out of his comfort zone to show more vulnerability than ever before.

I see you, in my mind’s eye/ Will you hold me hostage?/ Until I die?/ You spin your barrel/ Should I say goodbye?/ But I’m still alive,” he sings at the beginning of the track, as the track gradually develops.

I’ve tried to hide/ I’ve tried to run/ But you come harder with your gun/ So untie my hands/ I won’t resist,” he continues in the verse. “What life I’d live/ Without your noose/ That feels like home.” Check it out below.


As well as the remote setting, tucked away on a tiny remote island in the North Sea, the album was made with just Jones’ studio engineer and backline technician with him and captured across six days.

‘The remote surroundings of the island studio allowed the songs to come to life and breathe, no distractions, it was such a new experience,” he said of the project.

“There were no expectations for how the songs should sound. Just let the emotion and vulnerability I put into writing those songs come to life. The weather could change in a minute and there was little to no contact with the outside world. All this influenced how the songs came to be. It was a truly cathartic experience. I feel like I left it all out there on these songs.’

You can pre-order ‘Inevitable Incredible’ here, and find both the full tracklisting and a preview to the album below.

The ‘Inevitable Incredible’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Inevitable Incredible’
2. ‘Turn Bad Into Good’
3. ‘Time’s Running Away’
4. ‘Echowrecked’
5. ‘Sometimes You Fly Like The Wind’
6. ‘Monsters In The House’
7. ‘May I Come Home From My War’
8. ‘The Beast Will Be What The Beast Will Be’

The upcoming solo album from Jones comes nearly a year after the singer, songwriter and musician shared details of Far From Saints’ debut album and unveiled their track, ‘Take It Through The Night’.

The self-titled release saw the Stereophonics frontman continue his collaboration with Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker from The Wind And The Wave, and the album arrived on June 16, including their debut single ‘Let’s Turn This Back Around’.

Later that year, the artist made headlines after he recalled the time his neighbour complained about the volume of his ‘Tom Jones records’, only to discover it was actually Tom Jones singing with him in the kitchen.