Later this month, Katie Alice Greer is releasing her debut solo album, Barbarism. She’s shared “FITS/My Love Can’t Be” and “Dreamt I Talk To Horses” from it so far, and today the former Priests member is back with another new track, the atmospheric “Captivated.”

“This is a creepy song, in my mind, and I wanted to lean into that for both the production and the video’s narrative,” Greer said in a statement, continuing:

In the video, a woman is intermittently experiencing time in reverse. She sees a plane fly overhead in a field and moments later, it flies backwards. She carries a suitcase full of money and now wonders where it came from. After experiencing time in reverse, she questions whether or not her experiences ever happened at all; she wonders whether she is in the present moment, caught in a daydream or a memory. In the video we are experiencing her mind’s chopped and shuffled versions of both, none of what she’s seeing or remembering (wandering at night, a woman in a yellow skirt, a gloved hand reaching for her in the field) makes any sense to her anymore. She is losing her sense of reality, and simultaneously trying to piece it back together with the few and unreliable clues she has left.

Check it out below.

Barbarism is out 6/24 via FourFour Records.