It’s been a long time since Justin Beiber first sang “Baby,” but today, he’s got a new reason to dust off his breakout hit. On Instagram, Bieber and his wife Hailey posted a special announcement: They are about to become parents. They posted Hailey pregnancy photos in a carousel that includes a romantic video of the couple kissing in a field and pics that appear to be of them renewing their vows.

According to TMZ, a source with direct knowledge confirmed that Hailey is six months along, meaning their baby should be born sometime in August or early September.

Another of Justin’s posts caused a kerfuffle last month, as a photo of the singer crying caught fans’ attentions. Perhaps those were tears of joy, though. Otherwise, he’s been lying low; fans wondered why he didn’t join Usher’s Super Bowl performance, considering his connection to the “Yeah!” singer.

Usher later confirmed that he did ask Bieber to appear, but that “he’s just wanting to tell a different story right now.” Usher promised, “We’re gonna do something else in the future. But no love lost or anything like that.”

Preparing to be a father is as good a reason as any to sit out the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and it looks like the only stories Justin plans to tell are bedtime stories. He might not have time to release that long-awaited album, but at least one person gets to have a nightly concert — one of mostly lullabies, presumably.

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