It’s been six years since we’ve heard from the great ramshackle rock crew Joyride!, whose most recent full-length, Half Moon Bay, came out back in 2016. But next week they’re releasing a new album called Miracle Question, which they announced a couple weeks back with lead single “In The Afterglow.” Today they’re back with “Flyover States,” an anxious blast of movement that finds Jenna Marx fantasizing about uprooting herself from her city to see if the grass is really greener on the other side. “We could move to another coast, put our shit into boxes and leave them there alone,” she sings in one of the song’s rattled-off verses. “Haunt the attic like a friendly ghost/ No one would believe us, but we wouldn’t know.” Listen below.

“‘Flyover States’ is about entertaining fantasies of running away or starting over somewhere new, even when you know you never will,” the band told Punk Rock Theory, continuing:

The first verse references the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which happened to occur right before the Oakland A’s were supposed to play the San Francisco Giants in a World Series game. The middle part is our attempt at writing something Jawbreaker-esque. Even though in the song I am imagining what it would be like to leave, it’s grounded in these very bay area images and references because ultimately this place is my home, I love it deeply, and I know this is where I’ll always be.

Listen below.

And here’s a video for previous single “In The Afterglow”:

01 “St. Mary’s”
02 “The Afterglow”
03 “Emergency Broadcast System”
04 “Back To You”
05 “Birthday”
06 “The Regulars”
07 “Forecast”
08 “Flyover States”
09 “Worse For The Wear”
10 “Routine Maintenance”
11 “Archivist”
12 “Laundry Lister”

Miracle Question is out 4/15 via Salinas Records. Pre-order it here.