In May, Joshua Bassett released “The Golden Years,” the lead single from debut studio album of the same name due out on July 26. In the song, Bassett wistfully recalls a past romance and admits, “I’m terrified I’ll never find a love like yours.”

Luckily, Bassett has found eternal love in Jesus Christ.

“Some people think I lost my mind,” Bassett said during an appearance with Josh “Bru” Brubaker. “Some people think I was brainwashed. Some people think, you know, a lot of different things, and I get that because when it comes to Jesus, I was so against that. I thought everyone who followed Him was crazy and wrong and whatnot. And then, I had literal, personal encounters with Jesus. Like, insane, life-changing stuff.”

The former High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star continued, “I was reading all these books and trying to find that answer to life and why are we here — looking for that love — and every single time I felt like I was getting progress, but I was actually reaching a dead-end, and I was even more and more depressed and more and more addicted. I fell into these holes, and I just wasn’t feeling that peace until I literally had the most insane encounter with Jesus ever, and then I finally felt the peace that I was always looking for.”

Unfortunately, for our purposes, Bassett did not expound on what happened when he met Jesus, but he expressed that he’s “trying to find the balance” between proudly sharing his newfound faith without becoming the type of person he used to resent. He’ll be able to spread the good word during his The Golden Years Tour, beginning later this month.

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