Next month, the fast-evolving young artist Jordana will release her new album Face The Wall. Jordana recorded the LP with co-producer Cameron Hale, and she played every instrument herself. Jordana has already shared the early singles “Catch My Drift” and “Pressure Point,” and now she’s also dropped the new track “To The Ground.”

“To The Ground” is a tense, slippery song with a big, explosive indie-pop chorus, and it’s got Jordana singing about a desperate need to feel something: “Throw me to the ground/ Make me feel alive.” In the Thomas Lange-directed video, Jordana staggers across a sunny landscape, looking like she’s just been through some kind of overwhelming experience. In a press release, Jordana had this to say about “To The Ground”:

It’s about being alone and starting from square one, not knowing how and where to start, a venture into adulthood. With the path to growing up, it’s wanting to not ask for any help on any growth to feel accomplished and self brought up, emotionally and physically. The only help being asked for in this song is to be stripped completely and figuratively thrown to the ground to get back up.

Check it out below.

Face The Wall is out 5/20 on Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.