The summer was especially crafted for the singles to mingle, and that includes Sophie Turner. With best friends like Taylor Swift there to play wing woman, the Games Of Thrones actress won’t be that way for long.

In the meantime, Turner decided to put a filler out there for any interested parties following her tumultuous divorce from Joe Jonas. Turner’s recent cameo in a new alcohol campaign served as the lighthearted way to get back out there, as she subtly joked about being on the dating market.

As part of St-Germain Drinks’ latest campaign for its Hugo Spritz beverage, Turner finds herself in, as the video states “Somewhere in the south of France,” (the same country the pair supposedly held their wedding ceremony) chatting it up with a bartender.

During the exchange, the cocktail maverick founds himself confused as Turner gave her drink order. The descriptors “different, fun, fresh” to “bright, obviously, bubbly, the type that’s welcome at any party” seem innocent enough. But all could serve as a shady double entendre, given reports that Joe’s love for socializing and Turner’s desire to stay in played a part in the pair’s uncoupling.

Watch the full advertisement below.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner began dating in 2016. By 2019, the entertainers were officially wed. Sadly, in 2023 the pair legally ended things. They share two children together.

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