The arty and ambitious London dance-pop duo Jockstrap has been on the come-up lately, and we posted their single “50/50” late last year. Today, they’ve followed that track with a vast, operatic new track called “Concrete Over Water.” The song is seven minutes long, and it vacillates back and forth between expansive-soundscape music and big, nasty drums, with Georgia Ellery’s voice soaring and then scrambling.

In a press release, Georgia Ellery says:

“Concrete Over Water” was written on a summer’s night in 2019 in a flat in Farringdon which was above a pub and above a train line. The place hummed when the trains went under. The video was born out of the celestial themes in the song. Eddie [Whelan, director] and I created the characters (Moongirl, Voyager, Magma Boy, etc.) to explore the feelings of wonder, inspiration, and the search for answers, to reflect what the song represents to me.

Watch the strange and theatrical video below.

“Concrete Over Water” is out now on Rough Trade.